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Beauty tips and tricks!! Everything from how to look good in a bikini, to hairstyle tricks, to your favorite laser treatment. Let's share!

Getting it Straight! Plastic Surgery for Hair

Posted By Angie Ohman on May 18, 2011 at 12:14PM

Hello Lovelies!


Today I’m going to tell you a story:



Once upon a time, I had curly hair. No, not beautiful flowing waves, not even Sarah Jessica Parker spirals.. I had extremely poofy, tight spirals and FRIZZ that would literally grow bigger in humid weather. This was the hair I was born with. My head looked like a lion’s mane – big blonde and out of control. You could see me and my hair coming from a block away. It was a big, crazy, hot mess!


This is me with my curls! :-)


*Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED being different! And, if I grew up in the 80s, it probably would’ve been very cool - but unfortunately for me, having big curly hair during high school was a major beauty faux-pas. (Atleast in my head it was!) While the other girls in school had beautiful silky locks that they could throw into a ponytail and put up in hot rollers, my only option was to control frizz with a giant glob of mousse and try to rock the “lion’s mane” look.

*Although my curls were awesome at times, I only had one option for styling my hair - and every girl wants to be able to play around with different styles, right?!


After moving to Los Angeles, I realized that great hairstylists could change my look - atleast for a day. So I spent most of my hard-earned cash getting blow-outs once a week and steering clear of swimming pools and rain. I loved having straight hair! I could finally run my fingers through it and curl it. But, eventually the damage of blow-outs and flat ironing on top of coloring started making my hair problems worse. My once, long healthy (although curly) hair was suffering from damage and breakage from all the heat-styling. I had to find a permanent solution!


Then one day, I heard about a straightening process that claimed to straighten your hair permanently. Yes PERMANENTLY!! Like plastic surgery for your hair!


Japanese straightening, -also known as iStraight, Magic Straight and others - are all a thermal reconditioning treatment that sort of changes the hair’s DNA from big and frizzy to silky straight YUM! – I HAD to have it!


So I started to do my research. If I’m going to change my hair forever I better read all the pros and cons. (you should always do research before doing anything so drastic.) I scoured message boards and websites to find out all I could.. Turns out, Japanese straightening isn’t for everyone. It can be a long, pricey, and Scary process if you don’t have the right stylist. And, if you have bleached or damaged hair (I had both) it’s especially dangerous for your hair. So, finding the right stylist for the job is the #1 priority! I can’t stress this enough. (If you were having surgery, you’d want the best surgeon right?!)


So, I decided to have some “test-strands” done to see if my hair could handle it.


After visiting expensive salons in Beverly Hills -and actually having some of my hair break off– I decided to hit the internet again for recommendations. That’s when I found Robin Lee! Her name kept coming up in blogs and message boards about straightening with rave reviews. The Queen of Straightening! I had to meet her!


When I met with Robin at Kim Sun Young Salon in Koreatown she was very informative. It’s obvious she knows what she’s talking about. But, she is also very straight forward. This is so great because if you’re hair can’t handle the process, she won’t do it –much better than damaging your hair just to make some money! She also uses various strengths of solution, depending on the condition of your hair for those of us with highlights.


Of course, I ended up doing the straightening with Robin Lee and my life is forever changed! I now have silky hair I can run my fingers through and style however I like! I can literally air-dry my hair if I want, but if I choose, I can also get it as curly as before! LOVE it!

Straight, silky and still holds curl!


Besides the benefit of easy styling, my hair is now sooo much healthier and grows quickly – it’s really long now! I just go in about every 4-6 months to get my roots straightened and I can skip the damaging flat irons for good!


*If you’re in or near Los Angeles, I HIGHLY recommend you go to Robin Lee at Kim Sun Young Salon in Koreatown. In fact, this is such a specialty process I recommend flying in from wherever you live to go to Robin if you decide to do it.


I’m really happy with my decision. It was definitely a transformation. My new friends in L.A. don’t believe me when I tell them how curly my hair used to be. If the big hair from the eighties makes a comeback, I may wish my old hair were back, but until then, I couldn’t be happier!


So, the moral of the story is: Japanese straightening is not for everyone. It's a big decision, you need the right person to do the job, but well worth the time and money if you’re miserable with problem hair.


And finally, I say don’t do it if your hair is just wavy and somewhat easy to manage or you're rocking those super tight curls. The only way to get back your waves or curls would be to get a perm or wait until all your roots grow out!


Ok dolls, hope you enjoyed the story and learned some things along the way. Here’s how you can get in touch with Robin Lee: (She’s also a great stylist and colorist!)



Kim Sun Young Salon

306 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 462-4247


Check back often for all my beauty tips, tricks, and stories!


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Peace, Love, and Sexiness!


Angie O

Hot Legs!!

Posted By Angie Ohman on Apr 12, 2011 at 5:35PM


Hello lovelies!!

Spring is here, and whether you’re ready or not it’s time to show off those LEGS! Super short minis and short shorts are back in a BIG way - making legs the new cleavage! So, it’s time to sexify your legs for Spring -Here’s how!

1. Fake it ‘Till you Make It:

Ok, so Spring snuck up on us again and after being in hiding all Winter, perhaps our pasty white legs aren’t quite ready to come out of hibernation. Luckily, with tons of great self-tanning products on the market, we can fake that end-of-summer glow now and put our best legs forward!

A couple of my faves!:

Victoria's Secret Flawless Airbrush Instant Body Spray - $12

Victoria's Secret Flawless Airbrush Instant Body Spray ($12) for an easy tan in a INSTANT! Also available in lotion form!

Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush Tan - ($8.99)

*Tanning beauty tip: Exfoliate first! Remember before applying self-tanner you need to exfoliate! Any scrub from your local drug store will do. Just grab something with medium to large size crystals and scrub down while in the shower just before applying your self-tanner!


2. Work It Out!: Not only is it time to swap out our jeans to more leg-bearing pieces, but it’s also about time to pull out to swim suits –EEK!! So, there’s no better time to start getting back in shape than now!! I’ll soon be putting out my annual “Get Ready for Bikini Series” where we’ll get the whole body ready, but for now, let’s focus on those legs!

Be sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes a day on your legs and they’ll be runway worthy in no time! Squats, lunges and leg-lifts are “sure-things” for toning up legs fast! If you hate conventional exercise, a nice hike or up-hill stroll while on your lunch break also have great leg-toning benefits!

Kate Beckinsale working the lunges!

Don’t forget the cardio! Try to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio each day to slim legs, revealing those toned muscles you’ve been working on! Cardio can be fun – just gets your heart pumping! Dancing, cycling, and roller skating are all fun ways to fit in your daily cardio!


3. A Little Help From the Pros!: Endermologie (also known as LipoMassage or VelaSmooth) is all the rage in Hollywood for reducing cellulite and getting legs ready for their close-up! A few short visits to an Endermologie specialist can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite, tone skin, move toxins and even reduce fat! YAY! And it’s not just for the legs! Endermologie works wonders on all areas of the body including the stubborn love handles and tummy!

During an Endermologie session, you put on a sort of body stocking and the technician uses and electronic hand-held device with rollers and suction to massage your body using a special technique. This is like a super deep massage that not only makes you look smoother but can also be a relaxing treat! I am a HUGE fan of this treatment – I do it every year to prepare for bikini season!

*For smooth, dimple-free legs and butt, be sure to visit a specialist who has experience with the device for best results. If you’re in the Los Angeles area I HIGHLY recommend Chaffon at New Kingdom Beauty in North Hollywood. She is a genius at Endermologie, has quite the celebrity following, and I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else! Be sure to tell her Angie O sent you!


Chaffon: 818-703-2430


4.Quick-Fix Tricks!: So, you want to go out TONIGHT and rock the super short mini or you got invited to a pool party and you are sooo not ready!! Don’t worry! There are a number of “quick-fixes” to fake perfection at a moment’s notice!

  • COFFEE GRINDS: A well-known trick amongst models and celebrities – and one of my FAVORITE tightening remedies is to use coffee grinds on your legs! Yep, you heard me! Just take your used coffee grinds from the morning into the shower with you and apply to legs. The grinds provide a nice exfoliation and the caffeine stimulates movement of toxins and sucks out excess water to smooth lumps and bumps leaving you with smooth dimple-free legs! Leave or for a few minutes then rinse. If you have some extra time you can add some cellulite cream to the mix and wrap legs in plastic food wrap for up tohalf an hour(crazy I know – but worth it!)
  • CELLULITE CREAM: Just applying a cellulite cream from the drugstore before exposing your legs gives an instant tightening effect!
  • HAIR SPRAY?!?: Another quick-fix I LOVE I learned from a girlfriend of mine who competes in pageants (they have all the tricks!) Before taking stage in their swimsuits, pageant girls spray Hair Spray to their backsides and legs to hold everything in place and prevent jiggliness! – It actually works really well -Try it!
  • HYDRATE: Don’t forget to moisturize beauties! Drink lots of water and always apply lotion after you shower for plumper, silkier skin all over!
  • NUDE COLORED HEELS: We all know wearing high heels makes the legs look longer and leaner. This Spring invest in skin-toned heels to create the illusion of extra long legs! YUM!


Ok my beauty junkies, now hike up those skirts a little more and work your hotness!

Please check out my blog www.peacelovesexy.onsugar.com often as I’ll be back with hot tips to get you ready for bikini season as well as Spring/Summer Beauty trends and must-haves!

Peace, Love, and Sexiness!

Angie O

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